AFRIEL Interview on Uthayan Annual Review Edition

After a stormy episode happened during the Human Rights and Youth Conference: Blossom of Hopes in the Northern and Eastern Province, we are grateful to the increasing support from our friends and partners which makes each member of AFRIEL has more strength to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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This report from the Uthayan, the Sri Lanka’s largest Tamil newspaper, described how AFRIEL broke the political siege and organized the Northern youth to discuss about personal development and human rights issues in the North, and how we mobilized more than 200 people and held an unprecedented Youth Gathering and Human Rights Event after the war ended on the sensitive international Human Rights Day in 2013.

Thank you to all the friends who are willing to join hands with us and all the respectable journalists in the Uthayan newspaper for your persistence of the faithful written in every moment of the life-threatening. Thank you for all of you who choose to trust this grassroots organization, sharing our ideas and work on the newspaper’s 29th anniversary celebration and the annual review edition.

We are also calling for all the friends who concern about Tamil human rights or have been touched by our work to click the “SUPPORT US” on the ┬átop right of the gray bar or write an email to tell us you want to join the AFRIEL volunteer team. We appreciate the every single encouragement originated from care and love!


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