Current Project

Promoting Political Participation and National Reconciliation

In the first year project with support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), AFRIEL strengthened the practical and political capacity of the nearly 60 youth activists who further successfully played an important role in the nationwide youth parade, covering 27 GN divisions in 14 districts in 7 Provinces, and political solution conference with the participation of multi-ethnic civil society activists. A Basic Policy Framework for a Sustainable Political Solution was prepared jointly with 46 civil society organizations, released at the Youth Gathering in Jaffna town with nearly 2,500 participants, and handed over to the Constitutional Reform Advisory Committee.

To consolidate southern support and ensure sustainable solutions to the critical issues faced by the war-affected communities, the second phase of the Promoting Political Participation and National Reconciliation Project works on three major areas with the continued support from NED. The first part is to expand the engagement with southern communities by establishing a multi-ethnic support team with strong commitments and personally involved in problem-solving process of the northern issues. The second component is to enlarge the networking capacity of the active youth groups with knowledge and practical experience to improve grievance redress mechanisms. And last, this project will also increase advocacy strength for reconciliation and political solutions through intensive roundtable discussions, public meetings, panel discussion and public campaigns in the north and south with the participation of the multi-ethnic youth team.

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