AFRIEL (Association for Friendship and Love) is a leading youth volunteer network in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province that promotes human rights, good governance, and national reconciliation. Founded on the belief that nearly three decades of war has eroded trust among Sinhalese and Tamil communities of Sri Lanka as well as within the Tamil society, the organization seeks to channel the energy and goodwill of youth into collective action aimed at solving society’s problems.  Established at the height of repression in 2013, the youth network was founded on the basic tenets of friendship, love, and trust – concepts that allowed for mobilization even in a highly militarized environment.

AFRIEL is the name of angel of youth. Trust between each other has been eroded in the war-torn areas in Sri Lanka after nearly 30-year of killing. As the full name of AFRIEL, we encourage youth in the post-conflict areas to restore trust in their communities through extending friendship and love to their neighbours and supporting them to solve their day-to-day life issues.


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for human rights and democracy in Sri Lanka